A portal for employees pros and cons

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What is an employee portal?

Employee portals — also called enterprise, intranet, or employee self-service portals — often simply provide a way for employees to stay connected and updated about an organization, and generally contain basic employee tools. Like HR portals, they are usually secure and require login credentials.

What is HR portal?

An HR portal is the employee interface in a Human Resources Management System (HRMS). In the portal or dashboard, employees handle HR tasks. (An HRMS is an integrated suite of HR software tools.) If you are not using an HR portal, you are missing out. You could improve workforce management immensely.

Why do we need an employee portal?

Why is an Employee Portal important for your organization? Successful businesses strive for long-term sustainable profits. An Employee Portal is a tool that HR can use to support this objective, by improving the employee experience, employee productivity, and retaining staff.

What are the benefits of an employee portal

ESS portals allow employees to have quick and easy access to HR-related transactions and services that HR personnel would otherwise have to provide. This can reduce HR is tactical duties and free up time for more strategic pursuits, with realized cost savings in time and efficiency.

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The main benefit of ESS software is the Availability 24/7. Employees can access their data at any time from their desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The employees no need to wait for the next day to go to their HR department to view/knew details about their pay checks or their leaves data. Reduces Paperwork

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Pros and Cons. Exceptional handling of data and documents. Intuitive and simple management of the portal. Integration of third-party applications such as Sharepoint. Great customer service and support. Construction of components as templates for end users.

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